Thinking outside the box

What separates Adam from most is his ability to think outside the box. Being creative is something that Adam does best, approaching problems in new, and innovative ways. Adam surrounded himself around people that wear alot smarter then he was, and being around new faces, feeding off others, and soaking up useful information he knew would benefit him in a long run. Putting himself in the position of others and learning what they go through learning about how things are done in other industries. Adam found that many of the problems people in other industries face are similar to the problems of his own, but that they’ve developed really quite different ways of dealing with them.

Turning something upside-down, whether physically by flipping a piece of paper around or metaphorically by re-imagining it can help you see patterns that wouldn’t otherwise be apparent. The brain has a bunch of pattern-making habits that often obscure other, more subtle patterns at work; changing the orientation of things can hide the more obvious patterns and make other patterns emerge.

I let my imaginations run deep, It’s what brings out the real me. It’s my extended projection of consciousness that replaces the ordinary perception of reality as an alternative focus for concentration. When I dream, I incorporate it with plans on how I am going to attain it. So, my dreams are really the blueprints of my future plans.  – Adam Dudley

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